Friday, January 04, 2008


Yesterday was Thursday. It's like a semi holiday for us. Classes were over by 0940 and the next day is Friday. So Thursday means celebration for us until and unless we are swarmed by quizzes. And this time the conditions are not that much harsh for us yet.

Tonmoy invited some of us for a khichuri party at his place. Where there is a feast it's almost impossible to miss the invitation isn't it? Me, Tonmoy, Zibon and Lemon got a CNG autorickshaw with a sixty taka deal with the driver.It took us almost a quarter to an hour to reach Tonmoy's house.

It's on the second floor with three beds , two toilets , a dining and a kitchen. He stays with Joyda, one of the members of Meghdol band. After reaching Ton's house we listened to some music and at around 1230 we all went to the nearest bazaar to buy some ingredients for cooking the Khichuri.

After buying all the necessary items Tonmoy got busy cooking while we watched the tv and listened to some music. It's to be said that Tonmoy is no less than a professional cook. The cutting system of his onions, garlics and other ingredients is very much professional and his speed is outstanding.

By the time the foods were being cooked we were having gossips , teasings and praising too. Today Tonmoy got the highest Machine quiz number 9.5 at a scale of 10. So we all decided to call Tonmoy by the name of MACHINE-MAN. Lemon and Zibon also edited their cell phone's phonebook replacing Tonmoy with MACHINE-MAN.

Mice were running in my stomach for hunger by 1400. Then came Arif with a bottle of Sprite and joined the gossip. By the time the cooking was over it was almost 1530 and nevertheless it weren't mice any more it were cats that were running in my stomach. After the Khichuri was served, the smell of it really got us more hungry and believe or not, it was really very tasty.

After several rounds of praises from us, Tonmoy got a little bit suspicious whether the Khichuri was really that much tasty or not. Undoubtedly it was really tasty. We also offered Tonmoy to open a KHICHURI HOTEL. Tonmoy already thought a name for it. "SHADA KALO" where the plates would be white and the mugs would be black and surely he would be the head Cook. Pretty funny isn't it?

Finishing the lunch I felt that my cell was vibrating. It was from my home and it was time for me to go. After some minutes of chatting I went for my home saying bye to all and giving a special thanks to Tonmoy (MACHINE-MAN) for his special Khichuri. It was a great NEW YEAR's KHICHURI PARTY.

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


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